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Blue Creek

Double Braid Trail Lead with Tippet Whip

Double Braid Trail Lead with Tippet Whip

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Same lead rope as the regular one but this one comes with a leather tipped tail that can be used as a riding crop.

Made from genuine double braid nylon. Considered the “Cadillac” of lead rope materials. Used by countless horse trainers and clinicians. These lead ropes are very durable, extremely strong, and feel great to handle.

Our lead ropes are 1/2 inch diameter and 11 ft long. Both ends are finished with heavy duty rubber shrink.

Diameter – Although 3/4 inch or 5/8 inch diameter ropes are popular with some, most riders find that as they gain experience they prefer a 1/2 inch diameter lead rope. 1/2 inch ropes are lighter to carry – especially if you carry a few at a time. They are lighter on the horse’s halter and create less bulk when around your saddle horn.

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