Trail and Pack Horse Clinic

For our Trail and Packhorse clinics, I partnered up with Doug Goodwin from Luxor Corralls in Edgewater, BC.  Doug is a 3rd generation outfitter, guide, and lifelong horseman. Luxor Corrals offers the perfect setting for this course, with lots of room to camp, and endless trails for evening rides. It’s located in the Purcell Mountains with magnificent views and great backcountry opportunities.

In 2025 we will offer a weekend pack clinic and a 4-day course with the option of an overnight trip afterward.

The two-day weekend course focuses on the pack horse and the most important hitches. The 4 day course goes deeper adding horse care, trip planning, first aid and additional hitches of the trade. 

Our clinics are hands-on, with everything provided for you to practice and learn. For people who want to put into action right away what they have learned, we offer a “participant-planned” two-day pack trip on days 5 and 6. Horses and gear, everything is supplied (except sleeping bags).


2025 dates: 

 4-day clinic:         

  • May 3 to May 6

 6-day version:

  • May 3 to May 8

2 day weekend clinic:

  • May 10 to May 11


Course Outline:

Day 1:

  • The Trail and Packhorse
  • Pack Saddles
  • Saddling the packhorse
  • The most common hitches and knots
  • Practicing hitches and knots on dummy horses
  • Evening Trail ride

Day 2:

  • Revisiting hitches and knots on live horses
  • Bits
  • Commonly used pack gear
  • Hobbles and bells
  • More practice time
  • Evening trai ride or visit to Hot Pools

Day 3: 

  • Basics of horse care
  • Basics of horse training; objectives, limits and expectations
  • Hoof care and backcountry horseshoeing
  • First aid for humans and horses
  • Revisiting hitches and knots
  • Challenging items to pack
  • Hitches contest with more fun prizes
  • Evening trai ride or visit to Hot Pools

Day 4:

  • Planning a horse trip
  • Hunting with horses
  • Basics of navigation and map reading
  • Where to go and where to plan your first trip
  • Setting up a horse camp
  • Afternoon trail ride with pack horses
  • Wrap up for 4-day participants
  • 6-day participants plan the upcoming 2-day trip with a handout of a simple map

Day 5 and 6:

  • 2-day pack trip in the area. 


Prices and what is included:

2-day clinic: $ 500/person

4-day clinic: $ 800/person

6-day clinic: $ 1000/person

Price includes:

  • Horse and equipment use
  • Camping on site with running water and washrooms
  • Welcome BBQ first night
  • Trail and Packhorse guidebook and other handouts

    Location:  Luxor Corrals, Edgewater, BC  

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