Our Breeding Program

We are thrilled to have access to the only Ardennes stud in Canada, owned by Hani Gasser in McBride. Draft crosses are renowned for their excellence as trail and pack horses. The Ardennes, an ancient draft horse breed, are smaller in size than regular draft horses, yet equally robust.

In 2022, we bred our mare, Blue Creek Princess, with purebred Ardennes stud Felix de la Mess. This pairing resulted in the birth of Colt Kaba on May 1st, 2023. Kaba already exhibits all the qualities of an exceptional mountain horse: he is calm, easily trainable, and possesses excellent conformation with strong legs and outstanding feet. We intend to keep him as a stud. In summer 2023 we already took him along on two mountain trips where he easily followed us along. 

In the spring of 2024, we plan to repeat the breeding between Princess and Felix.


Blue Creek Princess


 Ardennes Stud Felix de la Mess


Kaba at 2 months on a day trip

Kaba at 2 months


Kaba at 4 months on his first week-long trip

Kaba at 4 months on his first week-long trip


Kaba on his second trip fall 2023

Kaba on his second trip fall 2023