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Blue Creek

Blue Creek Bedroll

Blue Creek Bedroll

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Bedroll covers are important for horse campers. They keep your sleeping bag protected, clean and dry while traveling and while in use. They add a good amount of warmth on cold nights.

Blue creek bedrolls are made with a canvas upper and waterproof NRV (nylon reinforced vinyl) bottom. The bottom extends 24 inches beyond the top to keep items at the head end off of the ground.

Blue creek bedrolls are 28×88 and roll up into perfect size cylinders for packing. Add a foam or thermarest for comfort. Great for quad or boat travel as well.

Tie straps are at the head and allow you to let air out of a thermarest as it is being rolled up.

  • Marine duck top
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Top is slightly billowed to allow for more free movement.
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